ZIONFM honors your contribution by running incredibly lean, which means we are committed to using Kingdom resources, wisely and efficiently.


Leading by Example

ZIONFM is operated by the Christian Non-Profit ministry, FireStarter Foundation and staffed 100% by VOLUNTEER experts in the broadcast, marketing, and digital development world. The overwhelming majority of expenses and costs of operating are paid for directly by our own Board of Directors because they all believe deeply in the mission of ZIONFM. However, as ZIONFM continues to grow the cost of reaching the world continues to increase, we need your help!

Please consider contributing and supporting the ZIONFM mission every month with a monthly contribution.  All donations are tax deductible under section 501(c)3 of the IRS code.

We Need Your Help

Inspire a generation and help us reach the world with a new sound of Christian Hit Music.  Join our 100% VOLUNTEER STAFF in reaching a generation!

2017 Annual Investment

Because our leadership believes in the mission of ZIONFM and its message to the world, our own Board of Directors commits thousands in contributions every year to this ministry. We truly put our money where our heart is.  Below is a breakdown of what our team has committed to take us through the end of the year, and the gap remaining. We need YOUR help in filling that gap and ensuring all FIVE globally broadcast radio stations remain on the air in 2016! Please consider making a monthly contribution to support Christian music!

Current: $36,500

Remaining 2017 Need: $170,500

Total 2017 Operations:  $207,400

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